Should I Get Involved?

I’m not a paramedic, doctor or nurse but I do work around those who have opioid addictions. I have taken training for administering Naloxone (Narcan) and carry a kit in my vehicle. But, do I really want to get involved? I’m sure this is a question that a lot of us have and while I […]

Housing for addictions

Housing for Addicts- Are Harm Reduction Services or Sober Housing the Way to Go Whether its alcoholism or drug addiction, when it comes to recovery, everyone can agree on one thing; proper housing is vital if a person is to have even a chance at returning to a place in society. More than a roof […]

Housing the homeless make for a better community.

Opinion Editor: Homelessness, mental health and addictions are global problems. This article represents a writer’s American perspective. When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, homelessness was nearly unheard of. I would see movies about the “bums” living near the railroad tracks. People that, my mother told me, were just drunks who were […]

Naloxone- What is it and How Does it Save Lives?

Chances are that you have heard about naloxone, more commonly called by its brand name, Narcan. You may know that it has something to do with drug users, but you don’t really know what it’s for, how it used, and how it saves lives. In this article, we will discuss what naloxone is, how it’s […]