Update for July 8, 2021

While physical access to the building remains by appointment only, all clinics are still open and operating meeting the needs of their clients.

The building remains locked due to the ongoing risk of COVID-19 amongst susceptible populations.

Please obey all instructions provided in hallway messaging, by clinic or facility management staff.


In a rush looking for physician information?

AVI Health Centre

(250) 754-9111

  • AVI Health Centre has not provided a list of physicians.

ARC Clinic

(250) 591-1000

  • Dr. Hunter

Trew Beginnings Clinic


  • Dr. Lee
  • Dr. Torrie
  • Dr. Pascal Lebrun
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Contact us toll free: (855) 855-1189


Should I Get Involved?

I’m not a paramedic, doctor or nurse but I do work around those who have opioid addictions. I have taken training for administering Naloxone (Narcan)

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Housing for addictions

Housing for Addicts- Are Harm Reduction Services or Sober Housing the Way to Go Whether its alcoholism or drug addiction, when it comes to recovery,

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Welcome to our site. Here you can connect with our partner clinic or pharmacy. Opioid use disorder knows no bounds. Anyone, any age and in any occupation can find themselves addicted to opioids.

This site will offer plenty of subject information. We urge you to check back regularly and research our pages and posts.  

What patients are saying about their experience.

I've always been greeted with a smile and a warm welcome at this pharmacy or dispensary.

Rated 5 out of 5
November 16, 2019

*Friendly and helpful service. I’ve always been greeted with a smile and a warm welcome at this pharmacy or dispensary. In addition to offering to fill prescriptions this outlet also offers tobacco products, chocolate bars and cans of soda pop at prices well below those you can even hope to find anywhere else in town. A very convenient and easy option especially when time is of the essence, no doubt. The only single draw back that I can think of at this particular location is that their hours of operation on Sundays definitely leave room for improvement. In conclusion though I have to say this is a great option when the need arises.

Johnny Fandry

Working with an addiction is so hard, but what is harder is the stigma that comes along with it.

Rated 5 out of 5
November 2, 2019

*Working with an addiction is so hard, but what is harder is the stigma that comes along with it. We get treated like second rate citizen, or that our opinions and our ideas mean nothing in the “real world” I can tell you I have never felt that way going to Trew beginnings, Trisha, Taylor & Dr. Lea none of them have ever made me feel like I can’t accomplish everything I want to, with hard work,. I have been struggling with addictions for a very long time, and I finally have been able to feel like I can beat this, and that this doesn’t have to be the life for me, and it is strictly because of the Ladies at Trew. I watch them with their clients, and they actually care about them. It’s so genuine. I think if we had some more Trew clinic and could find some more loving and compassionate people like these ladies, it would be a great step in addressing this opioid crisis. Nothing is going to change if we can’t get the help we need, and we can’t get the help we need if we feel like we don’t belong and are judged as soon as we walk in to a clinic. You have to feel like you can really open up and show yourself, I have only felt warmth and support since I have come to Trew clinic and I just hope more people find them because having someone in your corner, i mean, really there for you… is huge! Having someone fight for you when you feel you are worthless is just beyond words, everyone of them are there, all the time for all of this trew crew!! I have a bunch of cards that I hand out to anyone i know wanting to take that next step and i just know that if they take that step, it’s their first step for a new life. I am so glad I found this clinic and I am so glad that these ladies are so caring and genuine. If you are looking for a place where you will be respected and treated like a human (cause you are and you have rights) give Trew a try, they will fight for you and help you to the best of their ability’s. Sometime’s that’s all it takes, is for someone to truly believe in you, and I have found that at Trew with all the workers! I know you can too!

Tasha Hobbs

Your questions answered

Centre One was created to provide an umbrella of services and to be a single voice on the landscape of isolation and silios.

The idea of Centre One was born from frustration trying to work with municipal and provincial governments, their departments and agencies.

We have been involved with these  issues for more than twenty years.

We have reached out to all the players, now we are going to reach out to the community, and all those who have yet to discover our services.

Each clinic has one or more specially trained doctors and each of these physicians have their own special ways of delivering services.

Our building is unique in that we do have three options. A private clinic, a physician run clinic and a non-profit clinic.

Clients are all able to choose which clinic, or which doctor meets their individual needs.

Our building has become to be known as a safe and caring place for those  – about 500 patients a week who seek a variety of care.

We all need to work together while maintaining each clinic’s independence.

If you have something to offer, please contact us today.

Thank you for asking.

There are three clinics at Centre One.

Generally speaking the goal of a for-profit enterprise is to earn an income for it’s owner(s). This is achieved through sales and managing expenses.

Conversely, a non-profit is owned by no one and is governed by a board on behalf of the public it serves.

Two clinics are profit based, and one non-profit.

For the for-profit clinics, revenue is collected from services. In the clinic’s case it is based on clinic fees and medical service plan billings.

For the non-profit, income is from the same billing method, but the non-profit also raises funds through grants. This allows them to offer more services than may not be available through the for-profit model.

Both models need to raise or earn income to keep the doors open.

In all cases, clinic fees and medical plan billings are handled the same way.

The non-profit has chosen not to enforce clinic fees for private payers, and the other two clinics do charge clinic fees most of the time.

In the end think of it this way.

If a non-profit collected bottles to raise funds, that money would stay in the non-profit. 

If a for-profit collected bottles to raise funds, that money would first be taxed, then offset through deductions to determine how much tax the for-profit should pay.

That tax may find it’s way back to the non-profit in the form of a grant.

We need for-profit enterprises whether it’s a clinic or a burger stand.

When seeking treatment at Centre One, you are free to research and choose the clinic and doctors that best suit your particular needs.

What we don’t recommend you to  jump between clinics out of convenience or disagreement.

It is important that the clinics at Centre One eliminate barriers to treatment. If one of these barriers is ability to pay, then patients will still have access to a physician.

Not having any money is  no reason not to seek treatment.

Please discuss your financial concerns with each clinic.

While not every clinic has a physician on site every single day, between the three clinics, there is a physician available in the building.

You can also phone one or more clinics for information and to discuss your needs. On each of the clinic pages is a contact form. Please use each clinic’s contact form to ask them questions, or to book an appointment.

Opioid addiction is not limited to a certain demographic. 

It is important that your child seek treatment as quickly as possible.

Please look over this site and check out the clinic section.

Enquire with all the clinics to see which clinic, or physician would be a good fit for your child.

Centre One sees children, preteens, teens, adults, mature adults and the elderly. Yes, all have an addiction. The youngest has been twelve years of age. 

If you have any concerns whatsoever, please reach out to a clinic for help or more information.

We recommend you discuss any concerns or reasons you have for wanting to change clinics with the doctor you normally see.

Ask the clinic you wish to use if they have after hours service. At least two of our clinics have after hour emergency service.

You can call the clinic directly, or use the number listed above for access to all clinics and the pharmacy.

Thank you for wanting to help. You can donate materials to any clinic, or to the pharmacy. If you wish them to be made generally available, mark them for Centre One use and as a group they will be shared.

Or, if you choose, we do accept cash donation

We will be working with our lawyers in January to create a non-profit society to better align our purpose with funders and the government.

Check back later as we will be calling for board members for our new society.