Who are we?

Our company is called Crankshaw Holdings Ltd, a downtown Nanaimo privately owned commercial property owner/operator.

One of our buildings: 55 Victoria Road has a number of tenants that specialize in the delivery of opioid treatment.

What Centre One?

For many years our company has operated this building and has seen the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to opioid addiction long before fentanyl was considered a crises.

There is stigma that accompanies the topic of drug addiction that those who use opioids and those that provide assistance are all part of the problem.

Dispute the complete lack of government support, our company has worked with our internal partners to change that.


How do you hope to help?

If we as a society don’t fix a broken system of misaligned services spread all over town then the next generation and generators after them will be lost. The cost to support drug addiction, brain damage, homelessness and loss of productivity will cost the middle class an insurmountable amount of disposable income.

Our idea with Centre One is to build a single resource of outreach, education, treatment and the management of dry housing. 

How can I help?

Let’s talk. Can we start there?

Our communities are polarized on the issue of mental health and drug addictions.

No single resource can go it alone, yet, everyone is trying.

We need everyone at the table from for profit knowledgeable entities to not-for-profit, religious and non-religious based entities and more importing, but willingness and  fortitude of our elected official and their staff.