ARC Addictions and Recovery Clinic

ARC Addictions and Recovery Clinic provides Medication-Assisted Therapy for Opiate Addiction/Dependence. We offer you compassionate, caring and non-judgmental help.

You don’t have to strive for recovery all on your own. Dr. John Hunter and his team partner with you to review and select the best option for your individual needs. The ARC specializes in Opiate Replacement Therapy with a harm reduction focus, using Suboxone, Methadone and Slow Release Oral Morphine.

Our work is based on research and medical experience in treating addiction. We’ll discuss all treatment with you and answer any questions you have. Our small clinic provides the safe and confidential environment you deserve..

Your medical support at the ARC also includes:

  • Recovery Support Counseling focused on your needs.
  • Screening and treating you for other disorders that may contribute to your addiction. We’ll refer you to psychiatric services when medically appropriate
  • Referrals and recommendations to local outpatient addiction services
  • Medical care if you don’t have a regular attending family doctor.

As part of our commitment to lowering barriers, new patients don’t need a referral. You’re welcome to drop in for same-day assessment, treatment and counseling.

We accept referrals from other health and social professionals and agencies.


Dr. John Hunter

ARC Addictions and Recovery Clinic

If you have enjoyed your experience with us, please share them below. Help others come forward for treatment.

​If you have enjoyed your experience with us, please share them below. Help others come forward for treatment.


Dr. John Hunter

Dr. John Hunter

The ARC accepts new patients through self-referral or referral from health and social professionals/agencies

200-55 Victoria Road, Nanaimo

Clinic hours

We’re available to help you:

Monday to Friday
from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After hours assistance



Dr. Hunter has practised medicine compassionately for 27 years. He has focused on Opiate Addiction treatment for the last eight years.

He helped many people in downtown Vancouver’s east side before moving to Nanaimo three years ago.

Dr. Hunter’s experience and success have shaped his focus on detoxification and in-patient treatment options.

He takes a holistic approach to your treatment. His work addresses both physical and emotional barriers to recovery. As an example, he’ll screen you for other disorders that could contribute to addiction.

He believes strongly in removing barriers for people. New clients are welcome to drop in for treatment and recovery support.

Clients praise Dr. Hunter’s ability to connect with them on a personal level.

“He has a great deal of compassion and sincerely cares about his patients,” says one client review.

“(He) takes the time to listen to you and how you feel about your possible diagnosis and all treatment moves,” says another.


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