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Contact us toll free: (855) 855-1189

Look at what we offer!

We’re building a collaborative environment of providers offering health services to the disenfranchised and to complement our full range of opioid substitution therapy partners.


At Centre One we want to build a collaborative place of health services for the disenfranchised complementing our three existing opioid substitution therapy and pharmacy partners.


Centre One uses a single phone number, web site, and location to deliver multiple services.

Calls can be forwarded to your own system or you can join our Centre One system. Each employee or desk can have an extension allowing callers to dial direct to the employee or service they are looking to contact.

Building wide network

No need to have your own internet. At Centre One you get free building wide internet access for all your surfing needs.
Our network sits behind firewalls and is managed remotely assuring only authorized persons have access to the right network and internet access abilities.


Day Use Space

In 2006 the City of Nanaimo along with Island Health and a NGO partner asked us for a location to house a program called the living room. We have proposed to the City of Nanaimo and Island Health that we recreate with modifications this concept. Click headline for more info.

Low Barrier Clinic

There are many reasons that the disenfranchised won't or can't access a regular physician like us. As a result these individuals often find a small problem quickly grows into a larger one. A low barrier clinic would solve that problem providing both access to competent medical personnel, a place to cool or to get warm (See day space) and and the option to be referred to a addiction specialist

Safe Injection Station

A controversial topic but we feel a must have to help those with addictions consume safely while allowing professional staff to steer them towards opioid substitution therapy.

An addiction medicine physician is a physician trained and certified to provide comprehensive care for addiction and substance related disorders, including the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of such health conditions Tweet

Centre One was created to provide an umbrella of services and to be a single voice on the landscape of isolation and silios.

The idea of Centre One was born from frustration trying to work with municipal and provincial governments, their departments and agencies.

We have been involved with theseĀ  issues for more than twenty years.

We have reached out to all the players, now we are going to reach out to the community, and all those who have yet to discover our services.

Each clinic has one or more specially trained doctors and each of these physicians have their own special ways of delivering services.

Our building is unique in that we do have three options. A private clinic, a physician run clinic and a non-profit clinic.

Clients are all able to choose which clinic, or which doctor meets their individual needs.

Our building has become to be known as a safe and caring place for thoseĀ  – about 500 patients a week who seek a variety of care.

We all need to work together while maintaining each clinic’s independence.

If you have something to offer, please contact us today.